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Handy Address Book is a Windows program that allows users to easily store contact information and send messages from the usual e-mail client; plus it has extra features, like custom printing and a connection with MS Outlook.

Handy Address Book is capable of handling different computer users, for it can create as many address books as you like. It can create multiple different address books and share them with different permission levels.

With this program you can publish the address book to a website and customize which data fields can be displayed in the list; adjust the fonts and colors, etc. This way you can publish a static copy of an address book. You can also print addresses in a detailed report format or in a booklet format.

Handy Address Book has import and export options. It includes built-in support for importing from popular programs, such as Outlook, Palm, or the Windows Address Book. Additionally, with the help of the program you can send e-mails to one or more of your addresses using Outlook or default email client.

Another great feature is the “Quick Search”: type the initial letters of the contact and the first address that matches the characters typed will be selected.

In this version there is Windows 7 support. You can also create a shared address book and it can be accessed by multiple users at the same time. It organizes addresses by assigning them to custom categories.

Max Santillana
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  • Creates multiple address books
  • Shares over the network
  • Imports contacts from Outlook
  • Customizes filters and export reports
  • Has Search function


  • Sometimes it takes time to search the name or address needed
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